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Payment and security


Payment can be made by: Credit Card or PayPal. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Postepay, Diner's Club, American Express (ssl). To complete a transaction correctly using the order form for Credit Card purchases, follow this simple procedure:

Check that the type of Credit Card you are using is accepted

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Diner's Club
  • American Express

Enter the 16 digits on your credit card as impressed on the actual card.
Enter the credit card expiry (month and year) as indicated on the actual card.
Enter the CW security code (the last 3 digits on the back of the card).
Click on Continue to start the transaction, sending the data in crypted format to the bank’s website, which then checks the credit availability of the credit card.

Please note that credit card transactions are made directly on the bank’s website, in secure mode (ssl). Therefore we have no way of controlling, for reasons of privacy and security, the data you have provided in the credit card purchase form, which means that we have no way of knowing the reason why a request may be refused by the bank.

The most common reasons why a transaction is refused:

1. The credit card used is not accepted by our system;
2. An error in the entering the card data;
3. The credit limit has been exceeded.

The last possibility (3) may arise when the card's credit availability has been 'frozen' by the bank for a few days and for a given sum if the cardholder has an on-line transaction underway with an e-commerce service, even if the transaction has not been fully concluded (i.e. if an order has been sent but still has to be processed). Lamp Commerce cannot be held any way responsible for this situation.

The transaction may also be refused merely because the bank IT circuit is overloaded.
Orders are processed only after payment is confirmed.

The customer won't incur in extra charges for choosing Credit Card as payment method!

Bank draft

Orders are processed only after payment is confirmed.

Our bank details are as follows:

IBAN: IT44 V058 5661 5601 3157 1345 311



The choice of payment method is made at the end of the on-line purchase process, in a window titled "Payment Method".

On-line credit card transactions are made by virtual C/C terminal. The whole payment process is carried out on secure WEB servers via https with SSL protection protocol and 128 bit coding.

The Credit Card payment system used by Lamp Commerce has been developed in co-operation with Bankpass, world leader in on-line payment systems. Gateway Bankpass guarantees customers the maximum security and privacy possible for the customer when entering and processing credit card data, in fact when the payment page is reached you are automatically addressed to the Bankpass server and enter an SSL protected connection (Secure Sockets Layer) that guarantees full confidentiality between user and bank.

The data entered during this step are solely visible by the bank, nobody else will be able to acquire the credit card number.

Privacy in on-line transactions is therefore greater than any traditional shop, where the credit card number is indicated on the slip that the shop keeps as a receipt.