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Matali Crasset is the nom d’art of the French designer and planner Nathalie Crasset, who was born in 1965 in the town of Châlons-en-Champagne, in the south of France. Having initially commenced her studies in the marketing sector, Matali discovered her vocation for design when she found herself faced with the challenge of designing the packaging for a perfume bottle.

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The year was 1991 and Matali chose to continue her studies, training in industrial design at the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris.  Once she had completed her studies, Matali embarked upon an eclectic, lively pathway into the world of industrial design, collaborating in the Italian design work of Denis Santachiara and joining forces with Philippe Stark in 1993 and the Thomson Multimedia company. The turning point in her artistic and professional career came in 1998, when Matali opened her own studio, naming it Matali Crasset Production. From this date on, she has worked on projects and designs not only linked to the universe of industrial design, but also interior design, such as the Red Cell advertising agency in Paris and the Hi hotel in Nice. Her interior design projects bloom from her use of innovative materials, restyled in what can certainly be seen as a modern key, but one that is strong enough to maintain the identity inspired by the 60s and 70s. This is the case in her Sliding Living Room chairs, designed and created for the international brand ArtConnection, in pieces where the colour defines the forms with its saturated, bright character. The desire to delve further into the question of the two or three-dimensional nature of things leads Matali Crasset to experiment with shapes and materials in each one of her projects. This continuous quest becomes tangible reality in the Evolute lighting system by Danese, a series of elements where the shape evokes concepts of parallel dimensions, adapting them to everyday life with a grand visual simplicity.  The desire to offer 'fun' objects, objects that are amusing but have an unlimited functionality, is visible in her works dedicated to home design and the creation of objects. With Pierre Herné, a series of baking tools designed for Alessi to be used in preparing bakery products, Matali Crasset lets the world of design know what his true vocation really is: pinning down the fantasy of colour and putting it at the service of people in their everyday lives. But Matali Crasset proposes a concept of design that surpasses the horizons of aesthetic beauty, setting herself the goal of creating everyday objects that are autonomous both in terms of energy and function. With her autonomous creation the Autogenous Lamp, the designer aims to display her concept of autonomy in the field of lighting, breathing life into a self-sufficient object that does not require any 'outside assistance' but instead presents itself as entirely independent. This element becomes the icon of her project on autogenous design, a continuous evolution of life and living conceived as an independent autonomous ritual. Matali Crasset currently works in her own studio in Paris and, thanks to her “page-boy” hairstyle and innate life force, her workers define her as the “Joan of Arc of design'. She has won many awards during her career and exhibited many of her designs in international art centres, including the permanent exhibitions in the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Museum of Design in Prague, the Francesco Capello collection in the city of Lisbon and the Modern Art Museum in New York.

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