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  1. Fabbian Roofer hanging lamp diam 57 italian designer modern lamp
    Fabbian Roofer hanging lamp diam 57
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  2. Fabbian Roofer hanging lamp diam 76 italian designer modern lamp
    Fabbian Roofer hanging lamp diam 76
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  3. Fabbian Roofer cylindrical hanging lamp italian designer modern lamp
    Fabbian Roofer cylindrical hanging lamp
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  4. Kundalini Frame wall lamp italian designer modern lamp
    KDLN Frame wall lamp
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Born in 1984 in England, Benjamin Hubert is currently among the world’s most refined and innovative designers. Hubert graduated in 2006 in industrial design from the prestigious Loughborough University of London. A year later, he opened up his own firm in town - Benjamin Hubert Ltd. The company comprises a team of industrial designers, researchers and engineers, all of whom are busy giving life to design objects and creations tied to interior design. The firm is engaged in many different parts of the world – Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the USA. From furniture to lighting systems, objects for daily use, installations in the field of interior design and architecture, many are the works created by this innovative firm, whose work philosophy is very definitely ‘discordant’. 

The philosophy behind Benjamin Hubert Ltd is not based on current trends or keeping up with the latest fashions. What matters to Benjamin Hubert is creating functional elements, on the basis of deep analyses and a careful study of the materials from which they are made. All this is part of a plan involving sustainability and care for the ecosystem which represents one of the firm’s cornerstones.

Benjamin Hubert Ltd is currently involved in joint projects at international level and in an interesting research work entitled 'Materials Driven, Industrial Design'. This section is engaged daily in analyzing building materials and presenting innovative challenges as regards their production and usability in urban and dwelling contexts. From this section come ideas and tangible solutions that make Benjamin Hubert and his staff innovation and research professionals in the field of international interior design.

A delightful example of the works created by Benjamin Hubert is the Garment seating project conceived for Cappellini in 2012. This is a small armchair dedicated to lounge bars, but which adapts perfectly to any private context. The features that make this armchair so particular, if not completely one of a kind, concern the upholstery. Thanks to studies into materials, Benjamin Hubert has managed to come up with an original upholstery all set to revolutionize the sector. This is a single piece of material, skilfully folded and stitched around the shape being upholstered, in turn made of polyurethane foam. The result is contemporary upholstery, able to withstand wear and highly weather resistant. The range of upholsteries available for this armchair include alcantara, leather and fabric, all of which give it a sartorial finish and transform the folds produced during manufacture into details of beauty and excellence.

All this is Benjamin Hubert, a designer who, first and foremost, tries to innovate the design sector day after day. To achieve his purpose, he surrounds himself with brilliant and active people who constantly strive for change. All this is part of a desire to create useful, beautiful and functional things for those who use them. Thanks to his professional achievements, Benjamin Hubert has received widespread praise from critics and his works can currently be seen all over the world. The firms has been presented with the Red Dot Design Award, the Oscar of design, the If Design Awards and a series of major accolades, both personal and collective.

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