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  1. Flos Smithfield S hanging lamp italian designer modern lamp
    Flos Smithfield S hanging lamp
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  2. Flos Superloon floor lamp italian designer modern lamp
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    Flos Superloon floor lamp
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  3. Flos Smithfield LED hanging lamp italian designer modern lamp
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    Flos Smithfield LED hanging lamp
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  4. Flos Smithfield ceiling lamp italian designer modern lamp
    Flos Smithfield ceiling lamp
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  5. Flos Smithfield LED ceiling lamp italian designer modern lamp
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    Flos Smithfield LED ceiling lamp
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  6. Flos Oplight wall lamp italian designer modern lamp
    Flos Oplight wall lamp
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Jasper Morrison was born in 1959 and is one of the best known and most sought after British designers.
Despite being a British national, Jasper Morrison has always lived in the USA, in New York, where he completed most of his studies, graduating in design from the Kingston Polytechnic Design School and subsequently obtaining two masters, one from the same university institute and the other in London, from the Royal College of Art.
His desire to learn and acquire more and more information on the design world has resulted, since he was very young, in his travelling the world and Europe, learning methods and notions of crucial importance for his career in terms of training and culture, to the extent that he was given the chance to attend a course at the Hochschule der Künste, one of Germany’s most prestigious design schools.

He immediately showed great talent and passion for design and soon became one of the best students in the various universities he attended; highly considered by his professors, who often turned to him to help them with projects of considerable importance. He did not however feel inclined to continue an academic career like many of his colleagues who, after graduating, became assistant professors. His preference went to research in the field, allowing himself to be contaminated by international influences, travelling the world in search of new ideas and often moving in order not to get into a creative rut.
His name soon began to circulate in international design environments and he started to receive numerous invitations from companies anxious to be able to count on his creative flair and imagination.

During his career, he has worked with world industry leaders such as Alessi, Rowenta, Vitra, Cappellini, Rosenthal and Flos. For Flos, an Italian design lighting company, he created two series of lights that soon became design and style icons. Refined and clean lines, both for the Glo Ball series and for Smithfields.
His creative portfolio is however very ample and variegated and is not restricted only to light design, as is easy to appreciate from the names of the companies he has worked for, but extends into numerous different fields. All his works have in common a quest for the extreme functionality of the object: almost a lifestyle for Jasper Morrison, who has always loved simple and sober lines, according to an old, but always up-to-date concept, a mantra that those belonging to his school of design like to repeat 'Less is More'. This is the concept behind Morrison’s projects which, before being appealing, must be useful and functional, and which do not attract attention because they are opulent and gaudy, but because they fit perfectly into a number of different contexts in an extremely natural and elegant way.

Today, Jasper Morrison works between London, where he opened his own design firm almost thirty years ago – one of the most appreciated in the country -, and Paris, and continues to collaborate with some of the biggest companies in the world, creating projects that go from office furnishings to industrial installations, the design of new products and interior design solutions.
During his career he has had many opportunities to display his clever ideas, which have made the history of world design, from Tokyo to Paris, passing through London, Berlin and New York.

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