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Venini lampes

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  1. Lampe Venini Replicanti lampe de table - Lampe design moderne italien
    Venini Replicanti lampe de table
    À partir de 4 180,33 € Prix normal 4 918,03 €
  2. Lampe Venini Abat Jour lampe de table - Lampe design moderne italien
    Venini Abat Jour lampe de table
    À partir de 1 128,70 € Prix normal 1 327,87 €
  3. Lampe Venini Mappamondi lampe de table - Lampe design moderne italien
    Venini Mappamondi lampe de table
    À partir de 7 942,63 € Prix normal 9 344,27 €
  4. Lampe Venini 99.81 suspension - Lampe design moderne italien
    Venini 99.81 suspension
    À partir de 9 447,55 € Prix normal 11 114,76 €
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Simply excellent. This is what comes to mind when we think about this brand.

The company was founded in 1921, and has been focusing right from the start on reinterpreting tradition through innovative glass processing, with an eye toward artistic vanguards. Thanks to its founder’s awareness, Paolo Venini, the company had a series of remarkable directors: Vittorio Zecchin, Napoleone Martinuzzi and Tommaso Buzzi, who continued producing simple and classic lines, with elements of novelty. Venini is the creator of the first works in bubbly glass: thousands of air bubbles that make the glass opaque and very decorative. At the 1940 and 1942 Venice Biennale, together with Carlo Scarpa, they presented the works achieved with pounded glass, fabrics, grainy glass and murrine. Then, in 1948, at Milan Triennale, Venini, along with Fulvio Bianconi, displayed true works of art and innovative objects, such as striped and insert pezzati.

In the following years, the company cooperated with emerging artists and designers and internationally renowned architects: Owe Thorssen, Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass, Gae Aulenti, and. recently, Tadao Ando, Fabio Novembre, Gaetano Pesce, Luca Nichetto, Matteo Thun and many others.

Venini’s products are works of art, handcrafted pieces that embody tradition, a history made of passion and love for glass, a simple and humble material, that, thanks to the creative process of artists and designers, becomes a precious object that embellishes and enriches any environment. Venini produces luxury and high-end domestic lamps, such as the famous table lamps Mappamondi and Donna di Rango.

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