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Gift Card FAQ


What are Gift Cards?
Gift Cards are vouchers that can be spent on LampCommerce within the expiry date (one year from the issue of the Gift Card).

How do they work?
Go to the Gift Card page, select the amount you desire and add it to the cart. Proceed with the payment like any other item. We will issue the Gift Card once payment is confirmed. In case of payment with Bank Draft, we will issue the Gift Card once we receive the money. The Gift Card has a single code corresponding to the cash value to be spent on LampCommerce within one year from the date of issue.

Can I use the Gift Card for any product?
Yes, LampCommerce Gift Cards can be used buy any product on the site provided the value of the card isn't greater than the value of the Gift Card.

Purchasing a Gift Card

How do I buy a Gift Card for another person?
We will send you an e-mail with the Gift Card and relative code which you can easily forward to the person receiving it as a gift.

Can I print the Gift Card and give it or send it to someone else?
The code is a unique code that can only be used once. Be careful to whom you forward it. The person who receives it can use the code at checkout if the Gift Card hasn't expired yet or hasn't been used before.

What denominations are available?
You can choose the amount you prefer from those available.

I bought a Gift Card but it never reached me. What should I do?
Contact our customer services and we'll verify the problem. Be aware that the Gift Card will be sent on the first work day available.

Using a Gift Card

Do I have to be a registered LampCommerce.com customer to receive a Gift Card?
No, simply complete the purchase form and provide all details, even if you have never made a purchase from LampCommerce

What must I do to use the Gift Card I have received?
After placing the product/s in your LampCommerce cart, write the Gift Card code in the dedicated space on the form. The Gift Card value will be deducted from the total amount spent.

Can I buy several products when I use the Gift Card?
Yes, you can purchase as many products as you like.

Is the Gift Card also valid for shipping costs?
No, the shipping expenses are excluded from the Gift Card.

What happens if the product I want to buy cocts less than my Gift Card? Do you give me "change"?
No, we do not give change. We suggest adding another product so as to reach or exceed the Gift Card amount.

What happens if the product I want to buy is worth more than my Gift Card?
You only pay the difference, i.e., the amount over and above the Gift Card value. It works like a voucher on the total amount you spend.

I have not received my Gift Card. What must I do?
Contact our customer services and we'll verify the problem.

What happens if I can no longer find the e-mail with my Gift Card?
Contact our customer services and we'll send you a new voucher.

What can I do if I buy a product but forget to use my Gift Card?
Contact our customer service and we'll check the validity of your Gift Card after which we shall discount your purchase.

Can I use a promotional code and my Gift Card together?
Yes, they can be used together.

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