Michel Boucquillon lamps

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“Design is something that makes the consumer happy” This phrase gives a brief insight into the philosophy that has guided and continues to guide Michel Boucquillon in his role of “happiness provider” through the construction of structural architecture and objects of design that aim to reflect the variety found in human nature. Michel believes that any design has to give a soul to the object in question, moulding  shapes in a such way to unconsciously attract the consumer to the object, evoking emotions and telling a story. The design must never be tedious , but the material expression of a soul that is in constant evolution, just like that of mankind itself. These are the basic principles that in 1986 drove the Belgian, Michel Boucquillon, who was born in 1962 to obtain a degree in Architecture which opened many doors to a world of success. After winning the prize “Von Hove” in Brussels, he worked in Florence for two years. At the age of only 26, he was assigned the task of designing the Chamber of the European Parliament in Brussels for which he also designed the furniture. The participation in this project led to numerous requests of collaboration from other firms of International design. In 1994 he opened his first studio in Brussels and subsequently set up Boucquillons S.A.S. in Italy as a product-design business. His creations received many awards such as the  “Design Plus” for the Strip bathtub, by Acquamass, and the “Good Design”, for the Unique cutlery by Auerhahn. In 2011 he received a mention at the “Compasso d’Oro” for his director’s chair design Serralupi. He lives in Lucca in a house of his own design, that can only be considered a laboratory of ideas and experiments from the genius he is, as well as being a realisation of his architectural style, a space where the dweller can express his/her everyday needs, however original and varied. His contribution to the design industry is vast and ranges from bathroom accessories to cutlery, from lamps to chairs, participating in all sectors of furniture design. The style that sums up his creations is simple yet modern with bright, clean colours. Michel doesn’t make products with useless details, but creates objects that appeal directly to the consumer.