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  • Bathroom


    The right lamp makes the bathroom a place full of atmosphere in which to relax. The correct lamp for the shower, the mirror, the whirlpool bath; the lamps shown here add a touch of design and elegance to your bathroom, while always maintaining adequate safety norms thanks to adequate protection...

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  • Bedroom


    Bedroom lighting must cater to different use requirements; it must allow the user to comfortably try on clothes and read in bed without glare. It must furnish the room. Selecting one of LampCommerce’s design lamps means giving a touch of style and comfort to the night area. Looking at a beautiful and...

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  • Kitchen


    The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house, and that which requires the most elegant lighting. In the broad selection of proposals you will find both fixtures, for the soft lighting of your kitchen, and hanging lamps for areas that require more direct lighting. A design light fitting can...

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  • Lounge


    The lounge is the area of the home in which to relax and meet friends; light up these precious moments with design and elegance, by fitting elegant and precious lamps. Lounge situations vary considerably, from reading a book, to watching TV and speaking to friends; thus it becomes necessary to...

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  • Corridor


    Corridors and stairs are transit areas of the home which do not usually require much lighting; this means there are practically no restraints as regards the type of lamp to choose from to light your corridor or stair. Whether you need to light up a painting, or the work of art is the wall lamp itself,...

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  • Office


    The study (or office) is the workplace and visiting card of your business. Inside your study, a design lamp creates an elegant and efficient working environment. Correct lighting is essential to your work. Discover the lamp that suits you best from among our assortment. From halogen spotlights to...

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  • Outdoor


    In this section, you will find a huge selection of articles for lighting your garden, terrace or portico. The outdoor lamp must comply with technical specifications (IP) relating to weather conditions. The lamps presented here combine an adequate protection index with elegant style and design. Not...

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