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  • Design Classics

    Design Classics

    A selection of timeless masterpieces, lamps that have become part of design history, on show in some of the world's most prestigious museums. Real works of art.

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  • Classic Chandeliers

    Classic Chandeliers

    For our most discerning customers, a selection of prestigious lamps, of classic taste or with a more contemporary spirit, all distinguished by excellent quality. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us; a staff of interior designers is at your disposal for personalized proposals.

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  • Latest News

    Latest News

    The latest designs presented by our e-commerce website: from the most prestigious lighting brands to the most modern trend-setters and cutting-edge technologies.

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  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    Wall, pedestal and suspension lamps suitable for outdoor lighting – gardens, gazebos and porticos. Technical or decorative lamps, to light up and create suggestive night atmospheres.

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  • LED lights

    LED lights

    Cutting-edge technology lamps and spotlights. We select the very best LED manufacturers, providing maximum light efficiency with minimum power consumption.

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  • Portable lamps

    Portable lamps

    A selection of portable lamps, equipped with chargeable batteries, which can be moved about freely
    indoors and outdoors, or anywhere you need some light without a plug available. Some lamps are also
    speakers and phone chargers.

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  • Light rings

    Light rings

    In this section, we want to include a series of round lamps, “examples of light rings”, a trend that has seen a great success at this year’s Euroluce. Here you can find several lamps that are inspired by this concept, available in different sizes and finishes. In vertical or horizontal version, search for the lamp that...

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  • Wooden lamps

    Wooden lamps

    Wood is one of man’s most familar materials, since its always been in our lives since the beginning of time. It’s great ability to create sensations of protection, welcoming and ecosustainable, an energy source, a protector of man’s health and well-being. A lamp in wood allows the creation of a softer light in your home or...

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  • Arched lamps

    Arched lamps

    Need to light your living room table or using a pendant lamp in your lounge isn’t an option? Visit our newly created selection of extra large floor lamps for a vast range of ideas and solutions. We have indoor and outdoor lighting, in all kinds of shapes, from squared to round, in chrome or matt metals, carbon, wood and...

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  • Desk lamps

    Desk lamps

    Now easier to find on LampCommerce.com we’ve grouped all of our desk lamps with orientable light sources, which are ever more popular not just as table lamps but as reading lamps too. In prestigious materials from the great designer lighting studios the vast majority of these solutions are...

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  • Technical lamps

    Technical lamps

    The lamps in this section are lights with a very simple and essential look where functionality dominates. Their main goal is to provide excellent lighting in accordance with the required standards of visual comfort. These fixtures are based on a detailed study and advanced technology aimed at creating high-performance...

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  • Caged lighting

    Caged lighting

    Tired of minimal? Want an original, captivating design? Choose a lamp where the supporting structure is the main design motif. Many lighting brands have created solutions with light in “cages”. Highly decorative and original in many different colours and finishes: Black or white for more...

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  • Total white

    Total white

    White is one of the colours that evokes a sense of purity, elegance, spirituality. If you’re looking for a pendant or floor lamp for a touch of refined design for your home or office then browse our new Total White selection of lighting. We’ve chosen lamps that have a white shade, round or...

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