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Tress Foscarini Lighting & Lamps

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When we talk about lamps for the illumination of modern interiors, we are not only referring to the actual need to provide light but to the opportunity of finding one or several solutions for adding a touch of personality and class to the home, at the same time taking into account the functional necessity of illumination and the activities carried out in the room. We also have to minimise the environmental impact and try to save energy as far as possible.
That is why Tress lamps are of such interest. They were created by Marc Sadler, the skilled French design (naturalised Italian), with a great deal of experience under his belt as an industrial design and was awarded the "Compasso d'Oro" in 2001.
The collection
All lamps in the Tress collection seem to be suspended in time, thanks to their design, which is both classic and modern. One element that seems to have been present always, yet is still in being creatively developed. In other words, suspended. Timeless. These lamps are made in a composite material based on coated fibreglass and chrome-plated metal. They have a compact cylindrical structure at the ends which "opens" in the centre, as if the central light source was surrounded by irregular light beams from which the light seems to escape, delicately and mysteriously, to create soffused light in different levels of light and shade and patterns on the walls in linear chromatic effects that are almost reminiscent of those produced by antique Chinese lanterns. From whatever angle one observes the lamps, whether they are hanging lamps, floor lamps, wall or table lamps, they all exude the same "emotional strength", all with a very strong visual impact. They are available in three colours: white, red and black, to suit the modern furnishing style for which they were designed, guaranteeing a brightly lit, cosy atmosphere. The Tress lamp collection is enriched by the "Stilo" model, with its tapered, soft shape. This model is available as a hanging lamp and floor lamp. The cylindrical body of the lamp has the same "slits of light" due to its composition made with "strips". It tapers towards the top (in the hanging lamp) and towards the bottom (in the floor lamp), lending greater impetus to the entire structure. The Tress lamp colleciton will be of great success in any interior and guarantee a touch of class and personality and unique, elegant and intense atmospheres. Last but not least, the LED light bulbs will keep energy consumption and environmental impact down to a minimum. LED technology is in fact ideal especially where lights are frequently switched on and off because they light up quickly and are less prone to problems connected with switching on and off compared to fluorescent lamps. This aspect should not be overlooked in this time of wastage and pollution.


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