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Logico Artemide Lighting & Lamps

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From the creative pens of the designers Gerhard Reichert and Michele De Lucchi a new type of modern furnishing has been unleashed, enveloping and trapping the light within itself. We are, of course, talking about the Logico collection of lamps from Artemide, a solid range of proposals for anyone looking for lighting ideas not only for the living room, kitchen or studio but also for the bedroom and bathroom. The different variations of the collection, from the wall light to the chandelier, from the hanging lamp to the bedside table light, have been studied in their different dimensions to satisfy the taste and needs of all our clients; enormously versatile, they are perfectly suited as office illumination but are equally effective placed in a sitting room or bathroom. From a practical point of view, the Logico lamps are impeccable and the same goes for the aesthetic aspect. The form, which is as particular as it is unique, evokes a draped fabric gently arranged over a light, veiling yet not smothering it. The lines are soft and sinuous and have all the casual and spontaneity of a piece of cloth left to fall on a surface, taking up the features of its profile. Solidity and longevity are given to the piece by the blown glass with its gloss silk finish. This object, with its duo of characteristics that swing between delicacy and hardness, between softness and definition, is indicative of true style in a light fixture that already possesses all the typical features unique to a world-class piece of design. A simple, clean support has been chosen to hold up this soft drape in the table and floor versions of this lamp, made up of the simplest of metal tubes, which protrude upwards opening and gently touching the form of the shade. The base consists of a simple metal tile, with the lowest possible profile yet with a wide enough surface area to ensure the lamp remains stable and upright. The same goes for the hanging lamps, which seem to float delicately in the air thanks to the finest, nearly invisible supports that hold them up. The effect created by the ceiling light is equally atmospheric, taking on the shape of a waterfall of light with its irregular outlines it cascades its light from above filling the surroundings with a play of light and shade. Whichever setting it is placed in a Logico lamp consistently enriches the contemporary furnishings that predominate the living area. Its unmistakable style mean is not just a lamp but first and foremost a design object, a small gem that adds a special touch to the most carefully styled yet practical areas of the house.