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Cubetto Fabbian Lighting & Lamps

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€ 45 - € 960

Lighting fixtures in a room are not just there to provide visibility at the onset of darkness but are also important for enriching the furnishing elements whatever the style of the home or office. Ideas for lighting, therefore, should have no limits and must correspond to all the style requirements as well as being, above all, functional. For those who love a sophisticated and simple style yet at the same time particular and unusual can, for example, opt for the Cubetto collection of lamps. They are already internationally famed, it is the particular characteristics of the transparent glass in 24% lead crystal that gives the reflector its fundamental uniqueness adding to the exceptional nature of the Cubetto lamp range. Regardless of whether the lighting is placed in the bedroom, where the illumination should lend intimacy in a private setting, or if it is placed in the living room or office, the Cubetto collection can encompass and satisfy any requirements: distinctive appliques come either with a transparent crystal glass reflector or with a black glass reflector frosted on the inside; table lamps have a satin glass finish which creates a focal point of soft light. The Cubetto hanging lamps come with a chrome metal structure that supports three lamps, again with the reflector in transparent or black glass which, when hung from the ceiling, delivers a direct light not only for the room but also for selected points such as a table, sofa or a corner within the space. If hanging lamps or appliques are not your preferred types of lighting, the Cubetto ceiling lights may be the choice for you and can be directly installed on the ceiling. In this instance the design is extremely simple but enhances its surroundings illuminating them from a precise point with a direct light from above, consequently it enriches and lends luminosity to both modern or more conventional types of interiors. The styling for the Cubetto range of lamps matches beautifully with any style or context: a home, a special bedroom or also for an office where the lighting is fundamental for a good working environment. Here, in fact, there are excellent solutions to meet all requirements; with a simple change of a light bulb the lighting can be used to create fixed points of light that are specific and directed, or alternatively, a light that diffuses throughout the room whichever is most suitable to the situation.