Cabled lighting systems

Cabled lighting systems

Steel cabled illumination systems that provide particular lighting solutions

12 or 220-volt cabled lighting systems provide solutions to the most demanding of lighting requirements, thanks to their subtle design and their extraordinary suitability for installation in the most difficult spaces. This kind of system is ideal in areas featuring extremely high ceilings, rafters, vaulted or stone ceilings. From the adjustable lamp to the diffused spotlight, the products in this range are the notes that compose a symphony of light to be performed in home environments, offices, businesses, shops, museums and other similar locations.

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€ 419 - € 1020

  • € 886,94 -15% € 753,90

    The Tripla lighting system by Fabbian is a unique example of contemporary design. It is made up of lighting elements at different heights, for an elegant, refined look. This furnishing accessory is available in the colours bronze, aluminium or...


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  • € 1.019,92 -15% € 866,93

    230V system without transformer. 12,5 mt with 3 miniLuminaires indirect lighting

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  • € 863,76 -15% € 734,20

    230V system without transformer. 12,5 mt with 2 Luminaires indirect lighting.

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  • € 419,68 -15% € 356,73

    Spotlight with: ring, two trasparents lents and chromed fitting.

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