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  • Wall lamps

    Wall lamps

    A vast assortment of wall lamps featuring the most prestigious Italian and international brands currently available on the market. Halogen, energy-saving, LED wall lamps – all the technological innovation required to illuminate any environment with style and genius. From a mere support structure, the...

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  • Ceiling lamps

    Ceiling lamps

    The multi-brand range of ceiling lamps offered by LampCommerce enhances and redesigns the ceiling with light. In addition to providing light, the designer ceiling lamp also serves as an elegant style icon that distracts the consumer from the routine of everyday life. In the kitchen, office or shop,...

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  • Wall and ceiling lamps

    Wall and ceiling lamps

    The lamps in this range may either be fitted to the wall or ceiling. These designer creations create fascinating plays of light into your home or office, reinventing the areas where they are placed and evoking a particular atmosphere. From LED to metal halide, the technologies behind these ceiling or...

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  • Pendant


    The pendant lamps in this section can be compared to true jewels on a pendant, as they bring a touch of style to the home or office. The pendant lamp is a dynamic piece of furniture that decorates and illuminates the home or work environment. From the traditional lamp in Murano glass to the modern...

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  • Table lamps

    Table lamps

    A thoughtful present for a loved one, a centrepiece for your office, the bedside lamp for your bedroom; a designer table lamp can be any or all of these. A table lamp provides light for bedside reading and can also serve as a supplementary light source when placed on a small table in the living or...

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  • Floor lamps

    Floor lamps

    A designer floor lamp does much more than simply light a room; the perfect floor lamp can be used to create a unique atmosphere throughout the room or in a specific area of the room. These elegant, stylish accessories can illuminate the whole room or only a small corner as required, thanks to the...

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  • Recessed lamps

    Recessed lamps

    The range of recessed lighting offered by LampCommerce includes a vast selection of lights that can be fitted on the ceiling, wall or floor; from traditional spotlights for the attic, to lights that can be walked on or driven over. Each model in the range serves its purpose without neglecting the...

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  • Cabled lighting systems

    Cabled lighting systems

    12 or 220-volt cabled lighting systems provide solutions to the most demanding of lighting requirements, thanks to their subtle design and their extraordinary suitability for installation in the most difficult spaces. This kind of system is ideal in areas featuring extremely high ceilings, rafters,...

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  • Light bulbs and accessories

    Light bulbs and accessories

    The light bulb is one crucial element that cannot be overlooked in order for any light to work properly. Here we have a wide range of light bulbs, from LED to metal halide, fluorescent and halogen tubes. Please remember that the right strength is another important factor essential for the perfect...

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