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€ 244 - € 2379


Lightyears is a Danish brand that specialises in the design, production and marketing of lamps and lighting accessories for domestic and commercial use.
The venture was created from the passion of various experts in this field and was launched in 2005. In this same year, the first collection was brought onto the market, designed to illuminate homes and offices. This range of lamps and lighting was created by a skilled team of designers and architects from all over Europe, who put together individual experience and transformed it into state-of-the-art products. 
The aim of Lightyears is to offer its customers lamps and accessories that combine tradition and the ultimate in innovative materials. All this is achieved thanks to their curiosity, backed by thorough research in line with the latest trends and customer needs.
Various shapes are tried and tested to incorporate ease of use and outstanding working order and which above all show a meticulous attention to detail. Various types of lighting are produced including table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps, and hanging lamps.
All in all, Lightyears is a company of high standards that creates timeless, stylish products with a sturdy strong structure built to last, and pioneering designs, all suitable for the illumination of the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else in the home where light is needed. 

  • € 244,00

    The Calabash Pendant lamp by Lightyears has a gold, red and black finish. It was created by the Komplot Design designers, and the shape of the lampshade is inspired by the Calabash pumpkin. Available in three sizes (large, medium and small) this...

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  • € 384,30

    Mondrian is a lamp of the utmost minimalist design, created by Cecile Manz. It is even more minimalistic, if possible, than the works of Dutch artist Pieter Cornelis Mondrian, famous for his paintings of coloured geometric shapes that are...

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  • € 270,84

    The well-known Light Years international brand presents Mondrian, a table lamp with an excellent design. Its minimalistic style and rigid lines are its distinctive features. It provides a direct light which is assured by a G4 light bulb with a...

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  • € 473,36

    The Juicy pendant lamp was designed for Lightyears by Salto & Sigsgaard. It has a modern and simple design. Its conical shape is made from drawn aluminium and die-cast zinc alloys, making it strong and long lasting over time. This hanging lamp...

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  • € 431,88

    Created for Lightyears by the Hulgher designer due, the Pharaoh pendant lamp has a very striking design. Its harmonious lines give it an elegant, original shape. The feature which makes it unique is its lampshade: when the lamp is switched off it...

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  • € 2.379,00

    The Pallas Pendant Lamp has a unique and individual design that enhances any room or setting. Its impressive structure is vaguely reminiscent of historic chandeliers and is ideal for the illumination of large spaces and rooms, such as large halls...

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  • € 429,44

    Pendant lamps are ideal for creating the right type of illumination in any setting.The Atomheart lamps are made from glass and are able to enhance any setting by combining beauty and practicality. When the lamps are on, they create an effect of...

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  • € 902,80

    The Atomheart floor lamp by Lightyears has a simple but captivating shape. Its creator and designer, Morten Voss, made the lamp based on the futuristic style of Sci-Fi, based on his own personal interpretation of the atom. On a long, thin...

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  • € 497,76

    The Atomheart table lamp was designed by Morten Voss. The shape is of the diffuser is generally spherical and is made of a hand blown, satin finish, opaline glass. It has "bands" that run horizontally but each with different slants. Its particular...

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  • € 400,16

    The Orient Hanging lamp has a distinguished, classic design that makes it perfect for illuminating with elegance every room in the home: from the kitchen to the lounge, living area and bedroom. Available in small or large sizes, the hanging part...

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  • € 326,96

    The Caravaggio pendant lamps are the result of a modern, engaging design. They are the creation of Danish designer Cecile Manz and have a shape reminiscent of feminine curves. The Caravaggio range is made up of pendant lamps of various colours and...

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  • € 263,52

    To give your home that touch of extra elegance, the Caravaggio wall lamp is probably the right choice. This exquisite piece is available in black, to suit a classic, elegant environment, or white that is more suited for application on dark...

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